The CTRL+ALT+DELETE comes with two unique functions designed for linking back to CAD.

Two learn about these functions, we will be using the following comic: "Headed Your Way".

The Refrence Function

In most wikis, people use the <ref></ref> tags when linking to external sources of information. This wiki is different, since all the information can be found on individual webcomic pages. So to make everything nice and organized I've introduced this function. To use it all you do is copy the date from the end of a pages url, and stick it in in the function. Like so...


Because this function makes a small and easily embedded in a paragraph to reference some information, that is when you should use it. However... when you aren't writing a paragraph, when you are doing a quote or a single line is when you should rely on...

The Comic Function

The comic function is used just like the reference function, except it is to be used for areas where you can afford to take up the more space for the link. Areas where you should always use if are quotes & appearances sections. To use it is slightly harder than to use the ref function. You need to enter two variables, not just one, and you can't copy the second one either.

As you've probably guessed, the d stands for page Date, and but contrary to that logic, the t stands for Title not time. This means you need to look at the page title (found on below the next and latest buttons) and type it out, but without the quotes as those are added automatically.

{{comic|d=20050803|t=Headed Your Way}}

"Headed Your Way"

Easy Access

While editing if you ever have to use these functions, and it's highly encouraged that you do, you can find them below the textbox of the editor, just scroll down. You need to be logged in to see it.