Lilah Full
Name: Lilah Née Monroe, (Lilah MacManus?)
Occupation: Professional Gamer
Relationships: Ethan (Spouce),
Darth_Mananus (Son)
First Appearance: "Girls Don't Play video Games"


Shattering the age-old myth that girls don't play video games, Lilah enjoys a LAN party as much as the next guy. She's smart and beautiful, with a passion for a good first-person shooter. She quickly captured Ethan's attention, and though she is much more calm and responsible than he is, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to Ethan's silly, carefree personality.

Despite some bad past experiences with boyfriends, and guys in general, she has let herself trust Ethan, and they have been dating for over a year now. After their separate apartments burned down, Ethan and Lilah took the next step and moved in together. They eventually got engaged and are now married.

Lilah is attempting to make a living as a professional gamer, after coming in third in her very first tournament. The catch is that she games her best when she's mad at Ethan over something. It's her secret weapon, so to speak, a fact that Ethan is still oblivious to.

Lilah enjoys long walks between dungeons in her favorite RPG's, romantic fragging by the glow of plasma rifle discharge, and sensitive... analogs.



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Source of Emotions

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Character History

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List of Appearances

See List of Lilah's Appearances.

Noteworthy Quotes

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