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Tim Buckley is the creator of Ctl Alt Del, one of the worst webcomics in existance. Tim has been praised for his evolving "art-style" and consistent updating schedule. He has no friends.

Presence on the Internet

Tim remains today as a well-known sex offender, and maintains a jovial relationship with all of his three fans on his forum, where he enjoys a reputation as an easy-going and approachable individual. Despite this, he was forced to shut down one of the boards due to unspecified reasons, expressing much regret over doing so. Many users have since left.

Ctrl Alt Del

Buckley is best known for Ctrl Alt Del, a gaming webcomic he started in 1997, however, he decided to start reboot the then-simple strips and upload them onto the internet in 2002, just four years after Penny Arcade and PVP was launched.

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